Console Styling

I had the sweetest client contact me over the holidays in need of some quick styling for her home. She was hosting Christmas and was expecting a house full of guests and she wanted her home to be ready. 
She had this console made specifically for her dining room but as you can see, she was in desperate need of the finishing touches. I have known her and her sweet family for some time now and I know how important the outdoors is to them so I wanted to incorporate that in to the design. Every time I approach a new design concept I am always thinking of the people that will be in the space and what will speak to their specific tastes and personalities. There isn't one design for everyone and I want my clients to feel at home with my design each and every time. 

A quick trip to target and Homegoods and I had all I needed to complete the design. 
What do you think? 
My clients are in love and thats all I ever hope for! 
The set of nesting bowls and wicker baskets are all from target and everything else is Homegoods! I added in texture by mixing clear glass jars with wood and metal objects. Created some depth and added height by using different size and shaped objects while using the lamps to anchor the entire look and create balance. The one thing that always completes any design is a natural element so I added a bunch of fresh eucalyptus to the glass vase. I love neutrals and a little greenery brings in that perfect amount of subtle color you need to keep the design from becoming boring and it was all completed for under $350. Not to shabby if you ask me!


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