With all of the craziness happening around our house lately the last thing on my mind was Fathers Day! Yikes...thats a terrible thing to say!
Well, its the truth and so when Framebridge reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in creating a gift with them for my sweet husband and honestly the best father around, I jumped at the chance.
I wanted to do something fun that he would love. We've come to the conclusion over the past year that with my constant Instagramming of our kids and home there really aren't very many pictures of him. We needed to fix that!

I decided to create a gallery wall featuring our family with him at the center of it all. He is after all what makes this clock tick and he deserves some recognition and not just one day out of the year. I wanted this gift to be something he could appreciate all the time.

Framebridge is by far the easiest site I have ever used to create framed prints. It only took a few minutes to create all of these gorgeous photos of him and the kids and it probably only took that long  because I just couldn't decide which photos to choose or ones that he was actually in....this is bad I know. I sent the order out and within just a few days they all arrived on my doorstep. If you have not used Framebridge yet than I will tell you that the packaging is amazing!! There is no way, no how your frames will be damaged with how much effort is put in to the packing of your items and they always arrive with a super kind note... I love those little touches.
My favorite part of this entire project was this photo strip. I dragged my entire family to the movie theater just to make one of these(they have a booth in the lobby) and the kids could not wrap their little brains around the fact that we weren't going there to see a movie and Brian was less than thrilled about it (chuckle) but Im pretty sure he will love it when he finds out why.  All I did was mail it in to them using the prepaid envelope they sent me and they mailed it right back with in just a few days! I've been raving about this service to all my friends. I really think its pretty darn amazing and easy.
So thats it. I'm done with his Fathers Day gift and I'm pretty darn happy with it.
You can easily make your own but order by tomorrow June 3rd to be able to use the mail in option and by June 12th! You've got time people....go do this!! 
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My oldest's room when we moved in three years ago. It was bright and fun but as she got older she wanted something a bit softer so we started by changing out her bedding and added in some natural elements which made the room feel calm and more relaxed.
 We loved it like this but with the remodel of her little sisters room she was really hoping for something more and wallpaper for her own room was on the list. 
We searched and searched for the right paper. One that we would both be happy with. I love my girls input when it comes to designing their rooms but I also want their space to flow with the rest of the house.  Hygge & West is my first choice when looking for unique and beautiful paper and she immediately fell in love with Daydream in blush by Julia Rothman. 

Here is how it's all come together.....
A little more grown up than before but still sweet enough for a ten year old who thinks she's fifteen:)
One of my favorite touches is this No Boys Allowed pennant made by my sweet friend Erin with 

Her new wood sign art work, which she chose herself, is all from Jaxn Blvd and I think its perfect for her room. 

Her bedding is Chic White from Beddy's and you guys I could probably write a entirely different post reviewing this product its that amazing!! I will be honest and say I was skeptical at first when it came to this bedding. I had a hard time imagining it in the room and I wasn't sure about bedding that zipped up? What?!? But it is awesome! Not only does it look perfect in here but you can't even tell it zips up on the sides and my daughter has a perfectly made bed everyday because its so easy for her to use. We both win! We have the matching pillowcases and dust ruffle to complete the look. I also have to tell you that the inside of this bedding is super soft minky fabric and now we all agree she has the most comfortable bed in the house! 


Lucite Tray (Homegoods)
Pom Pom Pillow, Gold Dots Pillow (Homegoods)

Valentines Day. 
Its my favorite holiday! I love it. I guess its because I love all the pink and red touches and then every year my valentine works on this special day. That is what happens when you are married to a man in the restaurant business. Well, I was determined that this year we would have that romantic evening that we always seem to miss out on. It may not actually be on Valentines day but it still feels like it for us. 
This year I was all about a cozy evening by the fire. Lots of flowers and sweet treats just for us. No kids allowed. I pulled our tufted Alcott Hill chairs from Wayfair right up to the fireplace with the softest fur blanket we have. My husband was seriously excited for this blanket! He cracks me up because he is a sucker for super soft blankets and this one is by far the softest so I knew this was a perfect touch to the evening. 
 Some champagne, french macaroons and our favorite little coconut cupcakes... all we needed to enjoy our date by the fire together. I love drinking champagne from these little glasses. The gold dotted highballs and the sweet little pink juice glasses...honestly I loved them so much I just couldn't decide so we used both..I mean, why not?!? 
I was all about keeping this night feeling like Valentines day with little pops of red so I added in this rope pouf under the table which eventually became a seat as the night went on..its always good to have extra seating even just for a party of two. I will say it was my kiddo that came in to sit down and eventually ate all of our sweets but that was just fine! 
What a fun little pre Valentines date! Our new coffee table made the perfect setting for all of our treats and now I'm thinking how fun it would be to use this same little set up for more date nights in the future. We are home bodies who don't get out much so this was perfect and so easy to throw together. I can't wait to share another night here with my Valentine...and most likely our kids will be here too because who am I kidding....if there are treats, they won't stay away!